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Core Competencies

The Core Competencies are the intellectual, interpersonal and emotional skills that all students need in order to engage in deep, lifelong learning and become productive global citizens.

The Core Competencies are interrelated and interdependent. Taken together, the competencies are foundational to every aspect of learning. The Core Competencies are universal so they manifest themselves in each area of learning, embedded within the curricular competencies of each subject in the curriculum. 

Core Competencies Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment Tools

Reflection on and self-assessment of the Core Competencies allows students to develop the ability to describe themselves as unique individuals. They can set goals and gain ownership of their learning as they document their progress and share their growth.​

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Core Competencies Posters

Core Competencies Posters
SD57 DLC K-12 Core Competencies Kits
SD57 DLC K-12 Kits

The SD57 District Learning Commons has created Core Competency Kits that include themed books, samples of resources for teachers, and sample activities for the students. Teachers can sign these kits out and bring them to their classroom.  

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