Core Competencies

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SD57 Vision Statements: Core Competencies

The Core Competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need in order to engage in deep, lifelong learning. Along with literacy and numeracy foundations, they are central to British Columbia’s K-12 curriculum and assessment system and directly support students in their growth as educated citizens.

The Core Competencies are often interconnected and are foundational to all learning. Although they are universal, the Core Competencies manifest themselves uniquely in each area of learning; for example, communicating looks different if it is oral storytelling, artistic, mathematical, or scientific. SD57 Students develop the Core Competencies when they are engaged in “doing” the skills, or Curricular Competencies, within a subject or learning area.


Professional development opportunities in the district help staff explore the Core Competencies within the Curricular Competencies and as they relate to the First Peoples Principles of Learning.


The SD57 District Learning Commons has created Core Competency Kits that include themed books, samples of resources for teachers, and sample activities for the students. Teachers can sign these kits out and bring them to their classroom.

Development of Core Competencies begins at home, even before students enter schools, and continues throughout their lives. Competency development does not end with school graduation but continues in personal, social, educational, and workplace contexts. SD57 is supporting our students with this growth.

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