SD57 Vision Statement: Literacy

The schools we envision recognize every child’s right to grow up literate as a member of a dynamic learning community that values the richness of linguistic, ethnic, and cultural diversity.

Fountas, I.C., & Pinnell, G.S. (2018). The literacy quick guide: A reference tool for responsive literacy teaching. Heinemann.

Bridge Model Responsive Teaching Balance

What is Responsive Teaching?

[Responsive Teaching] involves a variety of activities provided consistently.  These activities include:

  •  reading and writing to/for students

  •  reading and writing with students

  •  reading and writing by students

  •  word work

  •  visual literacy

  •  oral language

  •  numerous forms of representing knowledge/understandings


[Responsive Teaching] involves a balance of:

  •  direct and indirect instruction

  •  whole class instruction

  •  small group instruction

  •  individual instruction

  •  work with various genres

Trehearne, M. (2016). Multiple paths to literacy: K-2. Miriam P. Trehearne Literacy Consulting.


The basic components of Responsive Teaching (this link is SD57 only, log in to Office 365 to view)

  • Minilessons

  • Interactive Read-Aloud and Modeled Writing

  • Shared Reading, Shared Writing, and Interactive Writing

  • Guided Reading and Guided Writing

  • Independent Reading and Independent Writing

  • Phonological Awareness, Letters & Sounds, and Word Work

Other possible contexts for learning to read and write:

It is recommended that purposeful consideration also be given to:

Phonological Awareness

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Letters & Sounds

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Word Work

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Word Walls


Literacy Stations

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"Interval" Literacy Assessment Resources


Benchmark Assessment System (BAS)


Whole-Book Assessment


Writing Snapshot


"Continuous" Literacy Assessment Resources


Literacy Assessment as Instruction

Running Record

Teacher Tools

SD57 Benchmark Assessment System BAS Correlation Chart


"Putting on the Blitz"

Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI)

Literacy Structures

The Daily 5

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