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Dual Credit Program

***New Technology Exploration (TekX) Application Package***

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit is a program that allows students who are nominated by a school representative and parent/guardian to take up to three UNBC or CNC courses in their grade 12 year (one course per semester that overlaps in their senior year).

The Dual Credit courses they complete earn them elective credits toward high school graduation as well as first-year post-secondary credit toward a degree.


Tuition is funded by the BC Ministry of Education and the student fees are waived. Students must pay for their textbooks and any additional course costs.


Students can apply for Dual Credit as early as the final semester of their grade 11 year to take a course (up to 4 credits per semester) in each of the following:

  • Fall Semester (Sept – Dec)

  • Winter Semester (Jan – Apr)

  • May Semester / Intersession (May – Aug)

What do you need to do?

  • Talk to your school counsellor to make sure you have all of the pre-requisites required to take the dual-credit course

  • Complete the relevant application package and associated forms and give them to your school counsellor

  • Attend and complete coursework in the dual credit course

  • Copy your final transcript to your counsellor, so your grades can be reported for credit



​Updated information and application can be found here: CNC Dual Credit Program

TekX Dual Credit Program Application Package

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