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What can your Physical Literacy team do for you?

Your SD 57 Physical Literacy team can provide these for: Elementary-PLAYBasic assessment leading, purposeful games and activities in the gym, on the playground, curriculum-focused activities via PLAYBuilder, and Pro-D sessions

Secondary: grant/funding researching/sourcing for athletics programming. Pro-D sessions

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Welcome to the Curriculum Hub Physical Literacy 

What is it?

SD57 Vision Statements: Physical Literacy

School District 57 is committed to the journey of physical literacy in our students. Physical literacy is a lifelong journey in the development of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) that will give students the competence, confidence, and motivation to be active for life. 


In partnership with all members of our learning community, we endeavor to embed inclusive, equitable, and respectful programming into all aspects of school life by providing Educators the resources and confidence to be champions of physical literacy . 


The Physical Literacy Curriculum Hub page will host professional development, in-service school programs/projects, and collaboration with local and provincial partners.

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