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Early Learning

Principal of Early Learning & Child Care: Tracy Cole

SD57 Website: Early Learning

SD57 is committed to providing quality, equitable, and inclusive Early Learning experiences and opportunities for young children and their families. Schools, families and communities can work alongside children to provide rich learning experiences. SD57 acknowledges children as strong, capable and full of potential and active participants in their own learning journey. 


SD57 has 14 StrongStart locations:

  • 8 programs that run 5 days per week – Harwin, Heather Park, Morfee (in Mackenzie), Nusdeh Yoh, Peden Hill, Quinson, Ron Brent, Spruceland Community School of the Arts

  • 6 Outreach Programs – Beaverly, Malaspina, McBride Centennial, Nukko Lake, Pineview, Valemount


StrongStart is:

  • Free for children aged 0-5 with their parent or caregiver

  • Guided by Early Childhood Educators and the Early Learning Framework

The Science of Early Childhood Development, Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

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