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After School Sport and Art Initiative (ASSAI)

ASSAI Program K-8

The ASSAI K-8 program offers high quality after school programming using strength based, enriching and fun experiences in art and movement. Community members and their expertise are utilized to facilitate these sessions within the school. These programs are offered at NO COST to the students and are open to all students. The program is designed to remove financial, transportation, cultural, family and behavioral barriers. Each activity is offered for a minimum of 8 weeks, in weekly sessions.  The study conducted for the ASSAI program (Miller and Mitic, 2018) showed children reported large improvements in the areas of physical activity, creativity, cognition, social and emotional wellbeing.

There has been a lot of wonderful programming coming out of the schools over the last decade including yoga, skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, hockey, biking, skateboarding, photography, mixed media art, ukulele, pottery, Iceman, Sunrun and more! 

ASSAI Program Secondary Female Pilot

This pilot program is based on the principles and success of the K-8 ASSAI program and the impact on the lives of students.  It is intended to empower female (and those who identify as female) high school students to strive for their full and equal position in sport, the arts and society.  In our district in the past two years some of what we have seen or has been reported, as a result of this program are; an increase in physical activity, creativity, relationships, confidence, graduation and school attendance.

There has been successful programming in the first three years such as parkour, snowboarding, self defense, zumba, makeup artistry, skateboarding, sound mixing, dance, leadership opportunities and more.

Contact and Coordinator - Tracey Fuller

The Community School Coordinators (CSC) and Indigenous Ed. Social Workers (IESW) and Youth Care Workers (YCW)


Harwin - Marnie Blakely (CSC)

Lheidli T’enneh Community - Tracey Fuller (YCW)  and Kristin Olsen (IESW)

Morfee Elementary and Mackenzie Secondary - TBA

McBride - TBA

Nusdeh Yoh - Alison Thibodeau (CSC)

Peden Hill - Stephanie Kolb (CSC)

Quinson - Steven Eberle (CSC)

Ron Brent - Jenna Hansen (CSC)

Spruceland - Jacqui Adams (CSC)

Van Bien - Adriana Tusek (CSC)

Westwood - Jay Cartmell (CSC)


Alternate Community Programs - John Giannisis (CSC)

College Heights Secondary - Tracey Fuller (YCW)

D.P. Todd Secondary - Jenkin Wilson (CSC)

Duchess Park Secondary - Nicolle Therrien (CSC)

Mackenzie Secondary - TBA

Prince George Secondary - Stephanie Mills (CSC)

Shas Ti Kelly Road Secondary - Tracey Fuller (YCW)

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