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Assessment is an integrated part of teaching and learning in our SD57 schools.

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Standards-based Assessment

Standards-based Assessment

Assessment in SD57 is standards-based as per the B.C. Ministry of Education’s guidelines.

  • Assessment is how teachers and our education system measure each student's success in those studies.

  • Assessment is part of teaching.

  • Assessment is equity.

  • SD57 Assessments are formative.

Standards-based assessment supports a criterion-referenced approach to evaluation and enables teachers, students, and parents to compare student performance to provincial standards.

Evidence-based Assessment

Quality assessment is evidence based. Quality evidence is gathered over time. Evidence should be triangulated from three different sources: products by the student, observations by the teacher, and conversations “...between student and teacher, between student and student, and between the student and him- or herself.” (Sandra Herbst and Anne Davies)

Evidence-based Assessment
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SD57 Secondary Science Competencies Continuum

Includes progressions of quality (learning scales) for the science curricular competencies for Grades 7 through 12

Assessment Events
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