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Assessment is an integrated part of teaching and learning in our SD57 schools.

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Learnin Standards

Assessment of Learning Standards

"Evaluation of student learning is based on the learning standards set out in the B.C. curriculum. Learning standards are explicit statements of what students are expected to be able to do (Curricular Competencies) and define what students should know (Content) in each area of learning at a particular grade level. In British Columbia, learning standards outline what schools are required to teach and what students are expected to learn.


Based on learning standards, teachers, and when possible students, set strengths-based, observable, and developmentally appropriate criteria with which to evaluate students’ learning. These criteria form the basis for evaluating and communicating student learning."

-- Page 8 of K-12 Student Reporting Policy

Evidence-based Assessment

Quality assessment is evidence based. Quality evidence is gathered over time. Evidence should be triangulated from three different sources: products by the student, observations by the teacher, and conversations “...between student and teacher, between student and student, and between the student and him- or herself.” (Sandra Herbst and Anne Davies)

Evidence-based Assessment
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Assessment Events
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