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Office 365 Support

The button below will take you to a staff support Form that is monitored by our SD57 support team. Staff may send in requests for help with a specific issue. 

How to Recover Your Password

  • Click on 'Forgot your password' to send a temporary password to your personal email or phone.

  • If you don't have a recovery email or phone set up, ask your teacher or school secretary to email for you. IT will be able to manually set a temporary password for you.

Information About SD57 Student Accounts - Contact School Office for Support

Office 365 accounts for students are now made with usual names from MyEd BC. School offices will initiate any name changes.


Students will give a password recovery email or phone number when setting up their accounts.

If there are problems with any student accounts, including name changes, please contact your school office.

Activities to Use with Students

PowerPoint Activities (PDF)

Word Activities (PDF)

Office 365 Escape Room!

Self-Directed Professional Development: Teams

Getting Started with Teams PowerPoint (SD57 only, log in to Office 365 to access)

Self-Paced - Getting started with Microsoft TEAMS by LOGICS - Coulter Lewis

Suggestion - quickly scroll through the slides before starting to support your learning.

Slides 5-10 link to a video supporting the 6 goals.

Slides 11- 50 are screenshots to support the videos and 6 goals. 

  1. I can create a Microsoft Team

  2. I can understand the components of Microsoft Teams

  3. I can communicate with my students in Teams

  4. I can collaborate with my students in Teams

  5. I can launch and join video calls in Teams

  6. I can create breakout rooms in Teams

Office 365 Training Events
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