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Important: Office 365 will no longer work on Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to access Office 365.

With the current need for more robust online communication tools, the implementation of Office 365 for all School District 57 staff has been fast tracked.  With access to this powerful suite of online tools, Office 365 has real potential to support teaching, learning and collaboration for both students and staff alike. 


As this may be a new set of tools for many, training and support is needed.  With millions of users and many school districts right here in in British Columbia, Office 365 has many training resources available online.  As a first step for our teachers, Curriculum and Innovation is compiling teacher specific tutorials and preparing this support page to help take teachers from just getting started right through some of the power collaboration tools.  This page will evolve and will expand as our district’s experience with Office 365 evolves.   


The button below will take you to a support Form that is monitored by our SD57 team. Send in requests for help with a specific issue. 

SD57 Specific Resources

LOGICS Getting Started with Teams Image.

Getting Started with Teams PowerPoint (SD57 only, log in to Office 365 to access)

Self-Paced - Getting started with Microsoft TEAMS by LOGICS - Coulter Lewis

Suggestion - quickly scroll through the slides before starting to support your learning.

Slides 5-10 link to a video supporting the 6 goals.

Slides 11- 50 are screenshots to support the videos and 6 goals. 

  1. I can create a Microsoft Team

  2. I can understand the components of Microsoft Teams

  3. I can communicate with my students in Teams

  4. I can collaborate with my students in Teams

  5. I can launch and join video calls in Teams

  6. I can create breakout rooms in Teams

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