Office 365 Support

The button below will take you to a staff support Form that is monitored by our SD57 support team. Staff may send in requests for help with a specific issue. 

Information About SD57 Student Accounts - Contact School Office for Support

Office 365 accounts for students are made with legal names from MyEdBC. School offices will initiate any name changes.


Secondary students will give a password recovery email or phone number when setting up their accounts.

If there are problems with any student accounts, including name changes, please contact your school office.

Self-Directed Professional Development: Teams

Getting Started with Teams PowerPoint (SD57 only, log in to Office 365 to access)

Self-Paced - Getting started with Microsoft TEAMS by LOGICS - Coulter Lewis

Suggestion - quickly scroll through the slides before starting to support your learning.

Slides 5-10 link to a video supporting the 6 goals.

Slides 11- 50 are screenshots to support the videos and 6 goals. 

  1. I can create a Microsoft Team

  2. I can understand the components of Microsoft Teams

  3. I can communicate with my students in Teams

  4. I can collaborate with my students in Teams

  5. I can launch and join video calls in Teams

  6. I can create breakout rooms in Teams

Office 365 Training Events