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Dance Fun: BOOM

Movement ideas by Julie and her young friend Gage for 'Boom' by X Ambassadors.  Great for kids who are feeling a bit 'wiggly' these days. 

Jon Batiste, 'I Need You', with Movement Ideas by Julie Fisher (PDF)
After teaching your students the moves, show them the music video! Great discussion starter of mixing Jazz roots with current 'pop' sounds.
Also, a great song for younger students to keep rhythm in first section, move for second section and then keep beat for third section.​​
Lyrics and Movement Ideas for I Just Wanna Shine by Fitz & the Tantrums (PDF)
Lyrics and Movement Ideas for Sunday Best by Surfaces (PDF)
Here are positive, upbeat songs that you can play while students enter, while they work, or add on the movements suggested here by Julie.

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JustDanceKids2020 - fun movement videos with Christmas songs!
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