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Learning Team Innovation Grants

This year again, School District 57 is providing an opportunity for schools to support student learning through Learning Team Innovation Grants. This provides teachers and administrators new ways to explore innovative practises through collaboration and teamwork, as well as: 

  • Shared opportunity between schools and the Curriculum & Innovation Department 

  • Aligned with the goals in your School Plan for Student Success and SD57 Strategic Plan 

  • Learning resources, programs, materials and supplies developed through the LTIG remain the property of School District No. 57. 

  • PowerPoint Summary uploaded to the SD57 Curriculum Hub


The deadline to submit your application is October 9th.

Grant Application

2020-2021 Timeline

Supplementary Pay and Lieu Days Guidelines

Work published in SD57 Learning Team Innovation Grants support the development of exemplary teaching and contribute to program improvement that align with the SD57 Strategic Plan.

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