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The SD57 Curriculum Hub is designed to support educators and learners as they engage with the new BC Education Plan and curriculum.  Resources and tools provided through the Curriculum Hub are closely aligned with the SD57 Strategic Plan with a focus on engagement, opportunity and authenticity

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Office 365 Teams: Self-Paced Pro-D

Getting Started with Teams PowerPoint (SD57 only, log in to Office 365 to access)

Self-Paced - Getting started with Microsoft TEAMS by LOGICS - Coulter Lewis

Suggestion - quickly scroll through the slides before starting to support your learning.

Slides 5-10 link to a video supporting the 6 goals.

Slides 11- 50 are screenshots to support the videos and 6 goals. 

  1. I can create a Microsoft Team

  2. I can understand the components of Microsoft Teams

  3. I can communicate with my students in Teams

  4. I can collaborate with my students in Teams

  5. I can launch and join video calls in Teams

  6. I can create breakout rooms in Teams